“Every can-am off-road vehicle is a perfect combination of industry-leading performance, precision-engineered handling and rider-focused design.”

Getting the job done is what the Traxter is designed to do and does best. whether it’s working the woods, roaming and ruling the farmland, or leading the hunt. From the toughness of its outperforming engines and all-terrain traction, to it’s steadfast, class-leading payload and towing capabilities, to the out-and-out intelligence and flexibility of it’s work and ride-enhancing innovations. Traxter does it all. And better.

cq5dam_web_1322_1322     With the Outlander 450/570, Can-am have taken all the things that make the Outlander ATVs successful and made them more accessible than ever. Because whether you’re hauling, towing, hunting or hitting the trail, you need a machine that more than meets your expectations.